The sensible path toward human level AI

Inspired by the brain: we present Braifun, an innovative machine learning tool.

What can we do to make Life better?

We look at Life is a survival optimization system that strives to reach the Global Maximum. However, the process is complicated by being stuck at Local Maxima! DNA based adaptation is slow, costly, and inefficient. On the other hand, the brain’s intellectual approach is fast and efficient. The intellectual process operated by our brain is still largely a puzzle. Solving this puzzle can help us to find the path toward the Global Maximum and solve many problems that we currently suffer from. To Learn more about our view, watch this video:

Why Choosing Braifun?

If you are looking for an easy and powerful tool to develop intelligent systems, Braifun is for you. Deep Learning tools like Tensorflow and Pytorch are data and power inefficient because they rely on backpropagation which is not optimal for real time learning. We believe human level intelligence cannot be attained unless we first achieve data efficiency and real time learning. Think about the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. If other Machine Learning tools are ML 1.0, Braifun is ML 2.0. Braifun uses an innovative ML algorithm we call it PHUN

Language Modeling

Unsupervised training on textual data.


Learns and detects shapes few shots.


Learns and detects audio and other complex time-series signals.

Reinforcement Learning

Efficient learning from feedback and self-supervision

What is PHUN?

PHUN (pronounced as Fun) stands for Predictive Hebbian Unified Neurons. PHUN builds up on well-known terms and concepts rooted in brain research and neuroscience studies. It employs a technique similar to Hebbian and spike timing dependent plasticity for its learning. PHUN’s advantages are:



ML Algorithms

One-shot LearningIterative Learning
Online LearningOffline Learning
Computationally EfficientComputationally Inefficient
Biologically PlausibleBiologically Less Plausible

ML Tools

BraifunPytorch / TensorFlow
Easy to LearnSteep Learning Curve
Uses PHUNUses Backpropagation
runs on CPUruns on CPU/GPU
Coming Soon!Available

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