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Inspired by the brain: we present Braifun, an innovative machine learning tool.

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What is PHUN?

PHUN (pronounced as Fun) stands for Predictive Hebbian Unified Neurons. PHUN builds up on well-known terms and concepts rooted in brain research and neuroscience studies. It employs a technique similar to Hebbian and spike timing dependent plasticity for its learning. PHUN’s advantages are:



ML Algorithms

One-shot LearningIterative Learning
Online LearningOffline Learning
Computationally EfficientComputationally Inefficient
Biologically PlausibleBiologically Less Plausible

ML Tools

BraifunPytorch / TensorFlow
Easy to LearnSteep Learning Curve
Uses PHUNUses Backpropagation
runs on CPUruns on CPU/GPU
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